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Get Your Rear in Gear

This Saturday, for the third year, our Executive Director, Lynn Godec, her
family, and Eli and Don Rosenberg will walk in the Get Your Rear in Gear
fundraising walk for colon cancer.  Shorehaven, is the major localcolon-cancer-ribbon
sponsor. The mission of GYRIG, a national organization, is to promote
prevention and early detection. Lynn Godec is on the Board for this event
and runs our team. She was also selected to be on billboards around town
promoting the event. You may learn about her in the video at:

She wrote about it at:

If you choose, contributions to Lynn’s team can be made at

Lynn is also connected to a new foundation which raises money to fund
clinical trials at the new state-of-the-art cancer clinical trials
facility at the Medical College of Wisconsin. We attended a moving and
exciting fund-raiser for that cause just a couple of months ago. Exciting
research is being done. But early detection is still the essence of
confronting this disease.

Speaking of early detection, have you been doing your colonoscopies
starting at age 50 or, if indicated, before 50?