Monthly Archives: December 2013

Introducing Our Administrative Assistants

Rachel Niyonsaba, In-Home Administrative Assistant

Rachel Niyonsaba is our new Administrative Assistant for In-Home Services,
helping Carol Trout, Director of In-Home Services, to manage a program
which has nearly 60 staff in 24 counties.  We welcome Rachel to the
Shorehaven team.  She has been diligently working on learning all the
policies and procedures and getting up to speed on our in-home services.


Rachel Nionsaba's office sign







Alyssa Korsch is our Executive Assistant for Lynn Godec, Executive
Director, and Don Rosenberg, President.  With cheerfulness and eagerness,
Alyssa does all those important tasks that keep us going, such as trackingAlyssa Korsch
clinician productivity, coordinating repair and maintenance, setting up
the projector for meetings, managing Relias learning materials and
creating courses, coordinating psychological testing referrals, and
whatever else may come up. Recently, she spent most of the night at the
office working with a painting crew and repairmen getting the offices
fresh and lovely, and then putting up all of our new signs.